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Dream Rune Services Offered:

Dream Rune Metaphysical Services

Dream Rune Metaphysical Services

Dream Rune offers metaphysics services to those in need. See Metaphysical Services section for more info. These include answers to the question “ what does my dream mean?”.

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Dream Rune Art

Dream rune art work

This section is devoted to Dream Rune Art. Created by Dream Rune author Betzalel Maggid. The artwork is based in metaphysics, dream meanings, 

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Dream Rune Music


This page hosts music used by Dream Rune, by musician “El Diablo Ramon”. My music is based in drea dream meanings, and metaphysics for subject matters. 

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Dream Rune Promotions


This page is for any current running promotions hosted on Dream Rune. These include metaphysics services, and dream interps.

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Dream Rune Blog

Dream Rune Blog Runes, Candle, native american fan, and crystals

Dream Rune Blog is meant as a teaching tool to those who are new to dreams, metaphysics, and consciousness studies. It is a guide to help introduce you to your own initatory path.

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