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Becoming a Wizard


From  a young age, I realized that I wasn’t like everyone else. I had an  undying curiosity about the paranormal and metaphysics. My journey began  at the age of 13, when I started to learn about crystals and their  metaphysical properties. 

I  come from a family with deep ties to the Mystery School teachings. My  grandfather on my dads side, was a Rosicrucian through AMORC, and was  with the order since the early 1920s. When he passed, he was buried with  his 60 year Rosicrucian lapel pin. Growing up, I heard from my parents,  how he was into the "New Age", and it was not to be taken seriously, as  it was demons who gave those kind of abilities.

My  father had been in the Rosicrucians for a short time as well. However,  he had a "Mind Experience", which caused him to leave the order, and  seek a different path. It wasn't until I had met a family of friends,  who had the same curiosities about metaphysics and magick, that set me  on my course to become a wizard. 

As  I had mentioned above, at the age of 13, I began to become infatuated  with quartz crystals and would buy them from the local mall. My friends  who I went to junior high with, did not really know about my curiosity.  One day, while one of my friends was rummaging through my coat pockets,  he found my medicine bag full of crystals. They asked "What is this?".  I thought for sure they were going to make fun of me. I told them that  it was a "native american medicine bag, and the crystals give of an  energy that effects your aura field". One of my friends looked at the  other, as if to acknowledge something between them. I was not exactly  sure what was going on, but did not completely trust them, to not make  fun of me. My friend handed the medicine bag back to me, and said "that  is very interesting, I would like to hear more about this". His demanor  changed to one of complete seriousness. I was kind of perplexed.

About  two days later, I was meeting up with my friends again. This time the  two friends sat me down and wanted to talk to me. They said, "We have  been training the past year and a half in studying three fold magick. We  have been doing this secretly, and haven't told you about it as we did  not know you were interested in such stuff. We would like to have you  join our circle and become the third inner master, of our circle." I was  totally shocked, I had no idea that they were doing this. I thought  about it for a moment, and decided, that if I wanted to learn more about  metaphysics and the paranormal, I needed to study and learn with people  beyond just my self. I said, "yes, sure I will join." Thus began my  training in  the magickal arts.

About  three years later, the circle disbanded. However, I had come to know my  friends mom quite well. We would always have extreme metaphysical  discussions. Along with her, my other friend whom I consider a sister in  magick, would teach me about her back ground, in paganism and wicca. I  would spend hours with my friends mom, learning at her feet, about  Jungian psychology, dream interpretation, how to create dream journals,  crystals, Judaism, and most importantly Kabbalah. 

During the  time I was in the circle, I did feel a bit of a religious conflict due  to my Lutheran upbringing by my parents. In Lutheran school, we were  taught, that God had basically wound up the universe, and is letting it  run, and he does not give out visions or interact with people since the  time of Jesus and his deciples. That never sat well with me, even as a 5  year old child. If that God in the Bible was real, then he would talk  to me "Face to Face", as he did the prophets in the old testament.

When  I started to study Kabbalah under my friends mom, I discovered that  there was a whole new metaphysical, mystical world in the Bible, that  had been completely covered up from the public. Infact, I discovered  that the Rosicrucians, who date back to 16th century France and Germany  were the guardians, and initiators of the Cabalistic tradition, going  into Europe, known as the "Western Mystical Tradition". And my grand  father was a long standing member. It was quite the jaw dropping  experience. I studied under my friends mom from 1991 to 2003. I would  gather books, and resources for her so I could aid her in her research.  To this day I still am learning from my "Sister Witch", and talk to her  every so often when magickal advice is needed.

After  2003 I had moved from the Seattle area to Oklahoma City. I settled down  and had a kid, who in his own right is extremely metaphysical. My wife  at that time, had previously gone to a local school here, called "The  School of Metaphysics". At first i was not quite sure how, or what they  could teach me. Due to my former training, I was kind of skeptical that  they had anything to really offer me. My wife at that time decided to go  to the classes, and would bring home the lessons. After reading a few  of the lessons I was really impressed. I decided to join myself in July  of 2007. Thus started my formal training at the School of Metaphysics.  My tenure at the school lasted for 2 1/2 years. At the end I received my  "Respondere" degree which is like getting an associates degree. Let me  tell you, getting my Bachelors degree in Management and Informations  systems, was easier than getting my "Respondere".

During  my 2 1/2 years there, I learned a ton of new metaphysical skill sets. I  learned a deeper form of dream interpretation, which uses the  "Universal Language of Mind", as symbols of the Subconscious mind to  relate what is happening in our dreams. Along with this I learned,  concentration, meditation, astrology, Kyria Yoga, breath work, astral  projection in a formal tradition, universal laws, how to manifest your  thoughts into physical form by wielding those laws, and much more. This  helped to lay the groundwork for this 

for this current business today. 

After  my time at the School of Metaphysics, I joined the Rosicrucians and  began going through the AMORC course work. I also happened to meet my  next teacher. She was a Kabbalistic Rabbi, who had also amazing  abilities, not only to decipher your dreams, but literally tell you  what you dreamt, before you even started to tell her. She had the  remarkable capacity to telepathically, and intuitively see what  energetic blockages were holding you back. I trained under her for 3  years, studying everything I could not learn, from the hundreds of books  I read on Kabbalah. It was an amazing journey.

In  recent years, I started to branch out in my metaphysics studies. I  picked up the study of Nordic mythologies and metaphysical practices.  Among them were the Yggdrasil, which is the Nordic mystical system that  is a twin sister to the Kabbalah. I also picked up the reading and  writing of runes, which is the sister system of "Gematria" and the  Hebrew alphabet, in Kabbalah. From this study I have learned how to  safely create bind runes, and do rune interpretation. 

My  current path forward for the future, involves me working towards  getting certified as a Dream-Life Coach, under Dr. Kelly Sullivan  Waldens dream-life coach Training course work. Her course work can be  found here: http://dreamlifecoachtraining.com She is the best in the business, and is called the "Dream Doctor". 

Thank  you for taking the time to read the brief overview of my life journey,  in to the world of metaphysics. I hope to share this world with you, and  help to open up the pathway before you.

Thank you

- Betzalele Maggid

Dream Rune - About the history of Betzalel Maggid

Dream Rune - About the history Betzalel Maggid, he is a Metaphysican with a ”Respondere” degree in Metaphysics. He has also studied various advanced studies in subjects of Kabbalah, dream interpretation, “Mystery School Traditions”, and various other paths to the Divine for over 30 years. (Started in 1989)