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Dream Rune Music - El Diablo Ramon

This page is dedicated to my side project band “El Diablo Ramon”. I am in the middle of creating my first music album which will be for sale on CDBaby, Amazon, iTunes, and various other platforms.  

El Diablo Ramon Video Blog

Check here to see El Diablo Ramon’s video blog called “In The Studio”.

El Diablo Ramon Music Videos

Here is music videos by El Diablo Ramon

Dream Rune Artist El Diablo Ramon

Betzalel Maggid is the Dream Rune Artist “El Diablo Ramon. Betzalel Maggid, who is a Metaphysican with a ”Respondere” degree in Metaphysics. He has also studied various advanced studies in subjects of Kabbalah, dream interpretation, “Mystery School Traditions”, and various other paths to the Divine for over 30 years. (Started in 1989)